7 ways in which OLA Share is different from OLA Cabs

Ola Share is our latest offering that let’s travellers share their ride conveniently with trusted fellow commuters. Here’s how it is different from our other cab categories,

One person per booking: With OLA Share, you make a booking only for yourself. Unlike in a regular OLA cab booking, if you make an OLA share booking, only you can take a ride – you cannot have someone accompanying you as you will already have co-passengers who have booked that ride using the app.

Picking up a co-passenger: OLA Share has a 2 minute waiting time for your co-passenger to board the cab after reaching his/her location post which the booking will be cancelled. This helps ensure that you do not face delays in your travel time.

Travel with trusted co-passengers from your group: In a cab, you are by yourself. In an OLA Share cab, you are with your friends. In fact, you can always choose the people you travel with by being a part of groups with shared interests and common likings.

Fixed pickup and drop location: The location you choose as your pick up and drop point cannot be changed halfway through your journey should you decide to change your destination. As you’d be travelling with other commuters, this is a small courtesy to avoid inconvenience to anyone else.

Only one booking at a time: With OLA Share, you can only make one booking at a time. You will not be able to make multiple bookings. You must complete one ride to book another share ride.

Pre paid: Your OLA Share rides will always be priced at a pre-decided amount. You will always have the peace of knowing that your ride cost will not spike up at any time, helping you plan your daily expenses.

More affordable: While we have the most affordable cab options on the OLA app for all your needs, we’ve added yet another option for you to cut down your expenses. Now get the same doorstep convenience of a cab but split the cost of your ride with travellers in your group headed in the same direction.

7 ways in which OLA Share is different from OLA Cabs

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